Soothely Neck Massager

Soothely Neck Massager

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What is Soothely ?

Soothely is a portable neck massager that provides quick relief from neck and upper back pain. The low-frequency TENS pulse technology penetrates deep into the muscles and relieves tension, stress and soreness.

Even a 10-minute session can provide instant relief to your neck and upper back area. However, Soothely does not only address muscle pain. It’s also ideal for fixing your posture over time.

Soothely is a device delivers such a powerful deep tissue massage that feels like a luxurious spa therapy. The health benefits of massage therapy have been well knowed since ancient years.

Not only improves blood circulation but also helps you relax and calm down after a long and stressful day. This is why, Soothely is the easiest way to pamper yourself without spending a fortune on chiropractors and spa salons.

How does it work ?

Soothely uses the innovative HEAT + Massage technology that helps with various health conditions. The TENS pulses offer a therapeutic massage to your muscles and at the same time the heat relaxes them from tension. Professional athletes use this exact method for healing.

Thanks to its ergonomic and lightweight designSoothely is very comfortable to wear and fits any neck no matter its shape or size. You can carry it with you everywhere you go and use it even at your office when you feel stressed and tired.

Soothely can be very helpful for all of us suffering from headaches, migraines and anxiety. All these conditions can be a result of sore muscles and bad posture. A single session can make all the stress and pain go away. And all that, without using any chemical substance or invasive treatments.

Put Soothely on your neck, choose one of the 4 different massage modes and relieve soreness and muscle pain with the push of a button! That’s all you need to do. Soothely will do the rest.Why is Soothely so popular ?

Whether you’re an athlete, a gamer or anyone who spends time on computer or smartphone, Soothely is a must-have for you. From my personal experience, I can say that this device can help anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle.

I’m retired some years now but I still feel very anxious sometimes. And of course, I have a lot of back problems because of my age and my bad posture. I’m not even spending that much time on my smartphone however my neck feels always tired.

I used to go to a chiropractor once in a while but the sessions were so expensive and lasted less than 40 minutes! This is when I realised that it’s crazy to pay that much! My son told me about this device. He works as a computer engineer and spends all day in front of a screen. He uses Soothely everyday.

When I first saw it, I couldn’t believe that this gadget works. It’s so small and lightweight! But when I put it, I felt like two real hands were giving me a real, relaxing massage. With Soothely, I don’t have to make appointments and pay a fortune to spa salons.

  • Instant relief from soreness and muscle pain
  • Helps with headaches, migraines and stress
  • 100% Natural – No chemicals or invasive treatments
  • 4 different modes – From gentle relaxing massage to deep tissue massage.
  • Stimulates and improves blood circulation
  • Lightweight, portable and rechargeable – Use it anywhere, anytime.

10 reviews for Soothely Neck Massager

    This store is 10% cheaper than others! Fortunately, I compared the prices after searching on Google. This is exactly the same as the product I bought,...More
    This store is 10% cheaper than others! Fortunately, I compared the prices after searching on Google. This is exactly the same as the product I bought, but the price is 32% cheaper!
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