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Shapez – Deluxe Sauna Shorts / Waist trainers – Dean Weston


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These really make you sweat! Either include in your work out or just wear them as you’re walking around cleaning the house!!!!! I’m ready for the next size down!!!!!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Anitria . B

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Transforming the body into the picture-perfect figure that one imagines along their journey is very difficult to achieve. Many gym-goers and runners find that results from all the effort put in to sculpt the body tend to lack in areas such as the stomach and thighs. This often invokes feelings of discontentment, self-confidence issues, and demotivation, causing many to give up on the journey.

Shapez improves the efficiency of any workout routine by increasing sweat production while also providing a sleek, sexy, and stylish look. Core body temperature rises to supercharge results as the stomach becomes a pinpoint location during physical activity. Enjoy newfound confidence and reap the rewards of a much more effective workout, on the journey towards being the best version of oneself!




ABDOMINAL SHAPING: The comfortable neoprene lining of Shapez forces the body to sweat more. As such, the abdominal area becomes a focal point during a workout, efficiently sculpting and shaping the physique.

ADDED SUPPORT: Shapez are designed with a corset-like figure to hug the waist tightly. This provides increased support to the back while lifting weights as well as assists in the process of achieving a curvy figure and keeping correct posture.

BREATHABLE: Shapez are made with a moisture-wicking fabric in the shorts portion that helps control body temperature. This keeps anything below the abdomen cool and dry for a comfortable experience and prevents chafing. 

ADJUSTABLE: The hook and eye closure strip connections provide three adjustment levels along a fitness journey. They provide a perfect snug fit, optimizing results while allowing for customized shaping options.

STYLISH: Shapez are designed with a sleek and sexy design that enhances every beautiful feature of the body. Whether out for a night out or on a jog, they are able to be worn in any situation for utility or for building confidence.


We understand how demotivating it can be and how much anxiety is present when on the journey of achieving your ideal look. So many hours are spent putting in the work, and it becomes so easy to get self-conscious, especially when the body isn’t shaping out to be how you envisioned. A recent study found that 55% of women are afraid they’re not fit enough, and 49% are insecure about their choice of clothing.

Fortunately, Shapez have become a helpful tool for any fitness journey, enhancing the efficiency and results gained from any workout. Sweat production is able to be increased alongside core body temperature, serving as comfortable, stylish and practical utility shorts. Enjoy the ability to supercharge your workouts effectively while training the waist with ultimate confidence!

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Material: Polyester, Neoprene


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(1) Shapez  – Deluxe Sauna Shorts / Waist trainers

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10 reviews for Shapez – Deluxe Sauna Shorts / Waist trainers – Dean Weston

    This store is 10% cheaper than others! Fortunately, I compared the prices after searching on Google. This is exactly the same as the product I bought,...More
    This store is 10% cheaper than others! Fortunately, I compared the prices after searching on Google. This is exactly the same as the product I bought, but the price is 39% cheaper!
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    Good quality, I like it, thanks.
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    I am very satisfied, good quality and sends fast and secure I highly recommend this seller
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    Very good quality, as expected, and fast delivery, good work
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    It came in perfect condition, everything is super!
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    Fit is excellent. Love the style. I have since bought a second. At the price I will own more.
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    Great quality, fast shipping.
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    I love it!Great quality!
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    Item as describe, arrived in time.Absolutely satisfied.
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    All in the best form, fast delivery, quality at altitude. to the seller Thank you and good luck in sales.
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