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High-Pressure – Water Saving Mineral Cleansing Shower Head – ecowaterspa


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Experience A Healthier, Spa-like Shower Experience!


Dry and irritated skin, hair falls and dandruff – these are common skin and hair issues most people encounter. If you’ve tried every skin care and hair care product out there but still can’t find anything that’s effective, you might need to consider taking a look at your shower.

Did you know that regular tap water contains Chlorine? Most water systems are chlorinated to disinfect and ensure that the water coming out of our faucets are clean and safe for general use. However, Chlorinated water can deplete the skin of natural oils that hold moisture which leads to dry, itchy skin and scalp.

Thus, the ShowerEnvy Shower Head was created. Designed with an advanced filtration technology, it filters out all the Chlorine and impurities while balances the ions and pH level of water that runs out of your shower.


Public Water Systems are required to ensure that water is treated to remove disease-causing agents before they reach your homes. Not only do they filter water, they also use disinfectants like Chlorine and Chloramine in order to kill any remaining bacteria, viruses and parasites to protect water before it comes out of your faucets. This process also strips off negative ions causing water to have higher acidity due to its altered pH levels.

While these chemicals are added to better our water, our health takes a serious hit. That’s where the ShowerEnvy Shower Head comes into play. This shower head is made with an advanced Japanese filtration technology that dates back to the 17th century.

Fitted with a combination of volcanic and activated charcoal mineral balls, it effectively absorbs water residues like chlorine, metal elements, bacteria and other contaminants that may not be fully filtered by the water systems, leaving water in the purest state and your health uncompromised.


    Experience The Endless Benefits Of The ShowerEnvy Shower Head



    ✔ Hydrates and moisturizes the skin

    ✔ Regulates body and skin’s pH level

    ✔ Slows down the skin’s aging process

    ✔ Helps in healthy skin cell regeneration

    ✔ Firms and tones the skin

    ✔ Nourishes and strengthens the scalp to prevent hair loss

    ✔ Prevents skin dryness and sebum production

    Product Features:

    • Mineral balls that filters out chemicals and contaminants, purifies water and balances pH levels
    • Hot/Cold Water Regulator
    • 3 shower modes – Mist/Spa/Shower boost
    • Adjustable water pressure that saves up to 70% of your average water consumption
    • Universal port that fits any regular shower hose


    Shower Head Material: ABS, Stainless Steel

    Pellets: Anion Balls, FIR Vulcanized Balls, ShowerEnvy Charcoal Balls


      10 reviews for High-Pressure – Water Saving Mineral Cleansing Shower Head – ecowaterspa

        This store is 10% cheaper than others! Fortunately, I compared the prices after searching on Google. This is exactly the same as the product I bought,...More
        This store is 10% cheaper than others! Fortunately, I compared the prices after searching on Google. This is exactly the same as the product I bought, but the price is 24% cheaper!
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        I am very satisfied, good quality and sends fast and secure I highly recommend this seller
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